Heirloom Tomatoes
An heirloom tomato comes from a seed that has not been modified and can date back hundreds of years

Pineapple Tomato

A red-streaked yellow heirloom tomato that will dazzle every guest at your next dinner party.  It is sweet, tangy and delectable.

Cherokee Purple Tomato
This purple heirloom tomato whose origins are from the Cherokee Indians, is an earthy, full-bodied tomato

Brandywine Tomato
A meaty juicy red heirloom tomato that will simply put remind you of Grandmas tomatoes fresh from her Garden

Red Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes
We offer three distinct cherry tomatoes; a pink a red and a yellow.  From incredibly sweet to incredibly savory, you'll find anything your tastebud desire

Mountain Merit, Damsel and Freddrick
The red round tomatoes we offer are great for sandwiches, sauces or anything else you can think of

Damsel - Soft skin heirloom quality 

Mountain Merit - Classic red tomato

Fredrick on your counter to last all week long

Plum Tomato
Our plum tomato is great for any sauce, salsa or salad

Egg Plant

Long Purple
This Japeneese style eggplant is great for the grill or even on top of a pizza. It's mild non bitter taste is a winner every time

listada Gandia

This wonderful Italian Heirloom will catch your eye with it's pink and white stripes.  It's mild white flesh can be used for anything from babaganush to egg plant parmesan


Green Pepper
Better Bell - Crisp and Tasteier

Yellow Pepper
Golden Pepper - California Crisp and Tasty

Hot Peppers






Sweet Corn: The sweetest sweet corn around. Our 3 varieties are; Sweet Chorus, Kickoff and Xtra-tender. All are bi-color. Great for the grill, or even raw. Can't go wrong with this certified organic sweet corn. 

Potatoes: Our favorite variety is Dark Red Norland. These red skin potatoes are our chef's favorite. They are extra smooth and creamy! 

Winter Squash: We grow only two varieties of winter squash, Butternut and Acorn. Both are great for storing long periods. We have picked the two that are the sweetest for baking or savory dishes 

Beets: We grow several varieties of beets; Detroit Dark Red (heirloom), Early Wonder Tall Top, Chioggia (candy cane stripped interiors), and Bulls Blood(heirloom). Not only are the round roots sweet enough to eat raw, but their beautiful green tops make a great addition to any salad.

Kale: Our main season kale consists of Winterbor and Darkibor. Both are green curly kale great for salads, smoothies or sautéing. 

Carrots: We grow only one variety of carrot and that is a sweet, crunchy carrot called Napoli. The later in the season you wait the sweeter they get. We grow 2 varieties of celery which are, Tango and Merengo. Both are robust plants with great flavor and texture.  

Onions: Our 3 varieties are all stored perfectly or fresh picked onions. We grow Sedona and Patterson as our sweet yellow onions and Red Wing as our red onion which is the ultimate sandwich onion

Green Beans: We grow one variety of green beans, Provider. A wonderful crisp, sweet green bean. Eat them raw, sautéed or boiled, it doesn't matter with this bean and its terrific taste.  

Lettuce: We grow 4 varieties of lettuce. Our green and red leaf lettuces are tender and tasty. Our romaine is tall, crisp, dark green magic in your ceasar salad. Our head lettuce is firm, crunchy and sweet. Try them all mixed together for a salad that will wow any family member.  

Zucchini: We grow two varieties of these summer favorites. Desert and Green Machine. Both are firm and mildly sweet. Great for the grill! 

We grow two varieties of artichokes; globe and favor.  Yes...That's Right, Michigan Artichokes

We also grow other vegetables on a smaller scale from time to time. Some examples are; purple and green kohlrabi, red cabbage, French breakfast radishes, scallions, pumpkins, yellow beans, baby salad mix, bok choy, Tokyo Bekena, bok toy, arugula, pickling cucumbers and many more.

OUR VEGGIES ARE THE BEST!  All my produce is picked and given to you in 24 hours. ONLY the best veggies are picked and delivered.