CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

What is a CSA? It is a program started 30-40 years ago by organic vegetable farmers that literally sells shares of a farms harvest for a certain amount of weeks.

Here at The Martin Family Farm we offer a summer CSA that lasts 18 weeks, starting in mid to late June and running until late October to early November. The time frame is entirely determined by mother nature, the earlier we can start planting the earlier we can start the CSA.

This is how it works. Every week for 18 weeks we deliver a box of vegetables to a drop off location in certain cities and our members pick up their box throughout the delivery day. We drop off the boxes by 11am and then our members pick them up when they can. We offer 6 drop off locations; Troy, Grosse Pointe Woods, Armada Township, the Birmingham Farmers Market, Grosse Pointe Park and Lake Orion. All drop offs are on Wednesdays except for the Birmingham Farmers Market, which is on Sundays from 9-2pm. Exact addresses are provided to members once they sign up.

We offer two box sizes, a ½ bushel and a ¾ bushel box. Our ½ bushel is priced at $420 per season and the ¾ bushel is $600. These prices are for ALL 18 weeks. We give our members a choice on how they would like to pay. We offer a pay in full option, and a 3 installment payment plan. All payments are due BEFORE our first delivery in June. We recommend for a family of 4 that eats vegetables as a side with dinner every night sign up for the $420 box. If you have a larger family, or you are a vegan or vegetarian we recommend the $600 box. We have found that the amount of organic vegetables if bought at a grocery or farmers market well exceed the amount paid per share. On average a $420 box provides around $550-600 worth of produce and a $600 box provides between $750-850 worth of produce per CSA season. Basically, you are helping us out by paying before the season starts and we return the favor with the amount of produce you receive.

If you would like to know what we are growing, you can take a look at our products page and see what would be in your boxes throughout the season. Each and every week will be different in terms of contents of your box. It all depends on what is in season at the time and mother nature. Early in the season it will be lots of greens and so forth. Mid season will be everything. Late season will be your fall favorites.

If you are not in any of the areas listed above you have the option of starting your own drop off point. In order to do this you need a minimum of 15 members, but you receive a FREE $420 box for offering your house as a pick up point. If you are interested in this option please call or email us so we can get you started.

Become part of our family! Join our CSA and reap the rewards! You will not be disappointed. Simply email us at themartinfamilyfarm@gmail.com , put CSA in the subject line and tell us which location is best for you.

Be well and healthy,

Farmer Matt 

How To Get Your Martin Family Farm C.S.A. Veggies 

Send your email to themartinfamilyfarm@gmail.com with your selection of: 

  • Bushel Size
  • Payment Option 
  • Preferred pickup location 
  • Your location if you are looking to start your own drop off point
  • Your name, cell number, and email address

The Farm Team Busy Packing C.S.A. Boxes!

Bushel Size:

1/2 Bushel a week for 18 Weeks $420

  • Recommended for Families of Four or Less 

3/4 Bushel a week of 18 Weeks $600

  • Recommended for Larger Families

Pick Up In:

  • Troy
  • Birmingham Farmers Market
  • Armada Township
  • Grosse Pointe Woods
  • Grosse Pointe Park
  • Lake Orion

Payment Options:

  1. Pay in Full
  2. 3 Monthly Installments -April/May/June

Payments Made out to Matt Martin