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Madeline and Mom

Madeline and Emily

Farmer Matt and our Farm Dog, Koda

The FAMILY behind The Martin Family Farm

Without my family, there would be no farm. My wife and kids have given me the opportunity and support that allowed me to give up teaching and take a shot on organic farming. These are the people who bring joy to my life with little things every day. My beautiful wife Carrie and my two unbelievable daughters Madeline and Emily.

When I decided to farm it was just me, the young family, a red tractor and a little bit of land. There were several days and nights that I just couldn't get it done on my own so Carrie and the girls, then 4 and 5, would come and help. My wife has supported this entire farm with her hard work and dedication to this family. It is something I can never repay!

Madeline, or "Sweet One" as I call her, is our first born. Maddie has been helping out on the farm her whole life, but 3 years ago she started actually working on the farm. She is by far the fastest kale picker on the farm! I challenge anyone to take her on. Maddie was the first one to be able to reach the pedals on the big tractor. Liberation for Dad! Unfortunately, she realized that it was just too boring driving, so she's back on the transplanter.

Emily, or "Mear" as I call her, is my Mear (Emily's word for Come Here). Emily has always had an interest in the farm as early as 4 years old. One day she did something to get in trouble and her punishment was not being able to pick beans with Dad. Boy was she upset! Anyway, the next morning she woke me up at 6am and asked if we could pick beans now? We picked beans! Emily now works on the farm in the summers and is still a great green bean picker!

It takes the WHOLE family to makes this farm work!  Sometimes that even includes cousins, Grandpas, Uncles, Nanas, Aunts and more!

Be well and healthy,

Matt, Carrie, Madeline and Emily